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In addition to Reiki and Crystal treatments, the following services are also available:

Classes (Prices are individually determined based on travel, number of participants and other expenses)

Reiki Basics 2-3 hours 

A small introduction to the powerful healing art of Reiki, participants will learn a brief history of Kokoro Ryu Reiki healing along with benefits and personal application for your life. Chakras and other healing points will be introduced. Please take this class before Reiki I. Handouts will be provided.

Reiki I day long class 

  • A first step into becoming a Reiki Healer, the student is attuned or aligned to the Reiki energy and taught hand positions and methods for administering Reiki to self and others. The main concepts or affirmations of the founder are explained, as well as the ideals around the practice or Reiki. In Japan this level is called Shoden. Focus on physical healing in this class.

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Reiki II  

  •  The first three Reiki symbols and their use are given. Another attunement is given for each symbol may be given. Symbols can be used to increase the power of Reiki healing energy. Deal with emotional and mental issues and send distant Reiki healing. This level is called Okuden. 

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Mandala Workshops - Meditations and affirmations will accompany a journey through reflective artwork.


Distance Reiki -

  • for loved ones who are hospitalized, who are not local, or otherwise unable to be visited


Tai Chi and Mindful Movement -

Tai Chi, Qi Gong and breath work are integral parts of mindful practice. If you have difficulty slowing thoughts and "emptying" your mind, then the visuals and pace of movement arts may be just what you need to support mindfulness in your life.

Journey in A Circle - An Integrative Mandala Experience for wellness and self-awareness

Named for the Sanskrit word for circle, the Mandala has long been used by many cultures. Mandalas can be found everywhere: from the tiny atom to the Earth or Sun. See a circle with a center? There is a mandala! 
Increasingly popular in art and cognitive therapies, drawing Mandalas is a useful relaxation and meditative tool. This interactive workshop will integrate mind and body as you create your own Mandala. Join us as we journey in a circle!

 "Path of Mindfulness"  Being and Teaching in the present moment
 Using simple body awareness and meditation techniques participants will experience an increase in mindfulness and calm so that teaching and learning outcomes can be reached with less stress.

Tai Chi Ball

 Improving strength, range of motion and bilateral control using Tai Chi concepts.


ABC Tai Chi

Improving learning outcomes and test scores with classroom-friendly Tai Chi and other Movement Arts. Participants will explore a variety of healing arts including Tai Chi, Qi Gong, yoga, breath work and meditation aimed at focusing and calming students and easily utilized within the classroom. Illustrated handouts accompany a Power Point presentation.


Balance, Body, Breath Parts I + II

Reducing stress and improving health using Eastern Principles of Tai Chi and Qi Gong.  Participants will explore Tai Chi and Qi Gong exercise including their history, principals and benefits.  Hands-on demonstrations will teach basic movements, matched with imagery and breath work for healing outcomes.  In addition to a Power Point guided presentation, illustrated handouts will be provided for continuing home practice. 


Healing Gardens

Gardening to create a sacred space with plants, herbs, and stones. Participants will explore various styles of gardens from around the world including Medicine Wheel, herbal, and Zen or meditation. Illustrations within hand-outs will provide inspiration and guidance for home planting and are accompanied by a Power Point presentation.




Make and Take Projects:

Most materials are provided. Cost is available upon request.

Crystal healing wands (for Reiki practitioners) - Let us help you create a customized crystal wand to amplify your treatment sessions

Gratitude journals - Begin an exploration of your inner self with by keeping a gratitude journal. You will design the cover and learn what to record and how to use the entries to their fullest potential.

Intuitive Collage - Tap into your creative flow with the expressive art form of intuitive collage. We will then examine what your project means through meditation and reflection.

Vision Boards - A simple, yet powerful visualization tool that activates the "law of attraction", the vision board is a visual representation or collage of things you want to do, have, or be. We will show you how to boost results with affirmations, positive intention and healing energies!