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Reiki Bliss Lineage

Kokoro Ryu Reiki translates to "heart/mind/spirit school of Reiki." Reiki itself translates to "Universal Life Force Energy." Kokoro Ryu Reiki has direct lineage to its founder Mikao Usui, a Japanese Buddhist, Tendai priest. Kokoro Ryu Reiki system is now being introduced in America and has seen significant results with those who learn it, as well as those who attend Reiki sessions by practitioners of the system. Kokoro Ryu Reiki, ancient in its lineage, has been compared to the new age treatment of Shambhala Multidimensional Healing.

Kokoro Ryu Reiki can be used for other purposes besides healing people on a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level. It may be used to heal pets and plants, to energetically cleanse a work space or home, to bless and enhance food, to enhance psychic ability, as well as to augment and propel other healing remedies.

Times we currently live in are complicated and ever changing, stress and illness are at an all time high. Kokoro Ryu Reiki, which can be learned by medical professional or lay persons of any age or creed, has been observed to help those who employ it in treatments or private use, make transition and complete wholeness a greater, more profound experience. Kokoro Ryu Reiki is simple and follows natural law, which is prevalent in all major religions and dogmas making it a complimentary and universal accessory to health care.



Ruth Ashley

Ruth graduated from New Hampshire Technical College with high honors and an Associates Degree in Applied Science as an Occupational Therapy Assistant. She passed a national board certification test and holds a current state licensure as a COTA here in NH. She has practiced OT in various seacoast and surrounding area school districts for the past 29 years and has been employed by Strafford Learning Center, Somersworth NH for 22 years. 

For both professional interest and personal health, Ruth was introduced to the Kosho Hoho Yooga style through a beginner's Tai Chi class led by Sensei Christopher Bashaw back in 2003. Having various health concerns and physical limitations, going to the gym, aggressive yoga styles and high-impact exercise was not an option -- with its gentle flow and balance of mind-body-spirit, Ruth found Tai Chi to be the perfect activity! Many years later she continues her Tai Chi study, acquiring skills in up to 4 complete forms so far. She has also achieved the level of Reiki Master-Teacher, and started Reiki Bliss, with her friend Dianne Mros, also a student of the healing arts. Ruth has attended Native American ceremonies such as healing circles, drumming, and Intertribal Pow-wows.

As a member of the healing professions, Ruth has always sought ways to improve her therapy outcomes with new skills or through sharing knowledge with others. As part of her ongoing OT training, she has attended workshops including Therapeutic Touch, Craniosacral and Myofascial therapies and Yoga for children, incorporating many techniques into her school-based therapy practice. Working with children who have challenging physical limitations and greatly varying learning abilities, she finds it essential to add "alternative" health applications into more traditional methods of treatment. 

Ruth is an enthusiastic presenter of many wellness events and in addition to Reiki Master and Tai Chi for Health instructor, she is now also certified in Mindfulness through Plymouth State University. She designed and implemented a specialized wellness curriculum including mindfulness to student programs at Strafford Learning Center for the 2018-2019 school year. 


Dianne Mros

Dianne received her BS in Elementary Education, Plymouth State College in 1972 and her Masters of Reading from UNH in 1991. Dianne received her Special Education and Learning and Language Disabilities Certifications from Notre Dame College.

Dianne taught physical education, grade two and grade three at Memorial Drive School in Farmington, NH. She has been a reading consultant at the two elementary schools in Somersworth, New Hampshire. She served as the reading consultant and first grade special education teacher at Hilltop Elementary School in Somersworth. Dianne is the President of ETA chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma, and just received a Woman of Distinction award for 2018. She was most recently contracted by Strafford Learning Center, Somersworth, as a Reading Specialist for John Powers School and is now retired from public education to teach wellness and Tai Chi classes. 

During a yoga class in 2003, Dianne met someone who invited her to try a tai chi class at Tara Estates in Rochester, NH. Dianne has been studying the Kosho Hoho Yooga style with Sensi Christopher Bashaw since that first trial class!

Dianne was attuned to Kokoro Ryu Reiki Level one. She received certification in Level 2 of the Kokoro Ryu Reiki System of the Healing Arts. Dianne received certification for Kokoro Ryu Reiki Master/Teacher Level 3 in June 2007. Dianne is now certified to teach Tai Ji Quan: Moving for Better Balance. Dianne and her friend, Ruth Ashley, have started Reiki Bliss ( They have presented two Balance Body and Breath workshops to the NEA-NH Para Educators.

Dianne has led ongoing tai chi classes for Marshwood Adult Education in South Berwick, Maine. She also now teaches tai chi at the Dover, NH Senior Center. 

Books that Dianne has read in her self-study include the following: tai chi mind and body by William CC Chen, Beginning Tai Chi by Tri Thong Dang, Tai Chi for Staying Young by MASTER LAM KAM-CHUEN, TAI CHI CHAUN AND ICHING by DA LIU and Secrets on Energy Work by Paul Brecher.

In March 2006, Dianne attended a Healing Circle lead by Mr. Mike Denmeade, a healer and shamanic practitioner. Dianne enjoys learning about the healing arts and sharing their benefits with others. She is also newly certified in Mindfulness, completing a course at Plymouth State University. 


Dianne and Ruth recently passed a Tai Chi for health Instructor test. Read on for details!

Five Area students receive Blackbelt Certification in Rare Martial Art
What does a phlebotomist, retired housewife and RN, school teacher, occupational therapist, and herbalist have in common? They recently tested for blackbelt/ instructor status in Kosho Hoho Yooga (KHY).
On March 29th, 2008 in Rochester, NH Dianne Mros of Farmington, NH, Deeann Hassen of Madbury, NH, Ruth Ashley of Barnstead, NH, and Jacquie Watson of Rochester NH met and passed the testing requirements for Tai Chi for Health Instructor- Level 1 within the KHY system. Before a board of black belts from around New England these women demonstrated their ability to teach through their knowledge of the KHY forms as well as through discussions of theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine, anatomy and physiology of the ancient energy systems, martial and healing implications of the postures within the KHY forms, philosophy and history of the system, and how this applies to illness, dis-ease, and wellness. Though certification itself is not an actual blackbelt, it is the equivalence to a blackbelt within the KHY system, treated with the same expectation and privileges of a blackbelt in turn allowing these individuals to conduct tai chi training independently in their own classes and schools; additionally they were presented with the title of shisho (instructor).
Tai chi has been supported by the Arthritis Foundation, MS Foundation as well as numerous clinical studies which show regular practice of this slow, dance-like exercise and moving meditation lowering blood pressure, improving the immune function, improving strength and balance, decreasing pain, and burning calories an a low impact manner. The healing effects of this style of tai chi and its practice were confirmed by the students, one commenting on his improvement with its application related to a diagnosis of Rheumatoid Arthritis and one student 73 years young.
Testing along side these women, Robert Rickard of Rochester, NH tested for his Nidan (Second Degree Blackbelt) within the KHY sytem. Mr Rickard, already a senei (teacher) of the system with students in his Rochester and Berwick, ME programs, demonstrated 10 tai chi forms from the system, combat application, philosophy, and concepts before the testing board.
Kosho Hoho Yooga (Old Pine Tree Method of Unity and Self Discipline), the complete system, extends beyond the requirements of the Tai Chi for Health certification to include a stronger aspect of training in the mind body connection through applications of martial combat, various other healing techniques and a sense of personal deep spiritual growth. The curriculum of KHY is based off of the studies of the Japanese warrior monks of 1235 AD; and through the more recent teachings of James M. Mitose who brought Kempo, specifically Kosho Ryu Kempo from Japan to the United States. History of the KHY system can be found on it main website at .
The testing board comprised of Christopher Bashaw the soke or family head of the system overseeing the testing. Bashaw an eight degree balckbelt and holder of numerous black belt rankings in different styles, World Martial Arts Hall of Fame inductee and Action Magazine Hall of Fame inductee, practitioner of many healing styles and Buddhist priest certified the students after the testing. Sitting on the board were Rich Hayes, sensei (KHY) of New Durahm, NH, Dan Carson, shihan (master) Northfield, Ma (KHY), Rick Wilmott, renshi (Kosho Ryu Kempo as well as holding blackbelt rankings in 8 total martial arts systems, World Martial Arts Hall of Fame inductee and World Sokeship Council inductee), Cumberland, RI, Tim House, sensei (Shudokan), Portsmouth, NH, and sifu (teacher) Brian Hall (Gait Keeper/ Lineage head of Li Family system of Straight Line Bagua, holder of 7 blackbelt and kung fu black sash styles) Taunton, MA.
The day concluded with a free seminar in the ancient ring dagger conducted at the Mizu Tama Dojo in Rochester, NH by sifu Hall. Sifu Hall is co-publishing a book through Paladin Press on the subject to be available later this year.
To learn more on Kosho Hoho Yooga and its varied programs visit its website at .